A Broken Heart


Have you ever experienced the grief of a broken heart?  If so, you are not alone.  Our hearts can be broken when people we love abandon us or reject us.  We can even feel abandoned after someone we love has died. Sometimes, we cause our own hearts to break when we subject ourselves to pain by making choices that deliver us over to the enemy of our souls.

My spiritual daughter, Allison, who is twelve, has experienced a broken heart. She has not seen her father in years.  I asked her the other day if she wanted to talk to him and she said, “Not really.” I know that deep down Allison has been wounded growing up without a father.  She doesn’t get to experience her father watching her at her dance show, or sharing ice cream with her as they talk about life.  But the beautiful thing is that she has discovered her heavenly father who loves her more than she could ever imagine.  In fact, He watches her all the time. He sees her as she worships Him in church raising her hands toward the angels in heaven.  The Bible tells us that children specifically have angels assigned to them to watch over them (Matthew 18:10).  Still, there remains an empty place in us when we have experienced this kind of pain; be it from a father, a friend, or even a spouse.

Yet, we do not need to remain crushed.  Jesus has the power to heal and restore our hearts. While this may sound cliché, it really is the truth.  Sometimes, healing requires getting away to focus our desires on Him.  When we pray in solitude, spend time praising him, and thank him for all of our blessings (even when we don’t feel blessed), He sees us and will meet us where we are and begin slowly, but surely to begin the process of restoration.

Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, experienced a broken heart.  After sleeping with Abraham, she fled from Sarah, who was obviously jealous.  I truly believe she had fallen totally in love with Abraham, but even in the wilderness, God saw Hagar and told her to return to her master and to submit to Sarah. She was pregnant with Abraham’s son, Ishmael. Prior to her return, God provided a well for her in the wilderness.  Then after Hagar’s return, Ishmael was born under the covering of his father.

Still, fourteen years later, Sarah’s promised son Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah.  For fourteen years, Hagar had lived with Abraham as she had watched their son grow up, but the moment Isaac took the place of attention in Abraham’s life and the boys began to fight, Hagar was sent away a second time and this time she did not return.  Ishmael was forced to leave his father and Hagar was forced to leave Abraham.  They both grew up separated from one they loved, but God blessed them even in the wilderness.

His Word Tells Us…

So Abram had sexual relations with Hagar, and she became pregnant.  But when Hagar knew she was pregnant, she began to treat her mistress, Sarai, with contempt. The Sarai said to Abram, “This is all your fault! I put my servant into your arms, but now that she’s pregnant she treats me with contempt.  The Lord will show who’s wrong- you or me!”

Abram replied, “Look, she is your servant, so deal with her as you see fit. “Then Sarai treated Hagar so harshly that she finally ran away. 

The angel of the Lord found Hagar beside a spring of water in the wilderness, along the road to Shur.  –Genesis 16:4-7

After directing her that she should return home and that God would bless her son, she had a new revelation of God.

Thereafter, Hagar used another name to refer to the Lord, who had spoken to her.  She said, “You are the God who sees me.” She also said, “Have I truly seen the One who see me?”  So that well was named Beer-lahai-roi (which means “well of the Living One who sees me”). – Genesis 16:13-14a.

Sometimes, we are “sent away” from those we love, but God sees us even in the wilderness.  He brings us away to restore us and to bless our futures.

Let’s Pray…

Dear Lord,

We pray that you will hear our heart’s cries from the wilderness.  Forgive us when we have not done things your way.  Heal us from when we have felt abandoned or rejected.  Send your angels to take charge over us.  Transform our hearts and lives into the people whom you have called us to be.  Forgive us for any actions, words, or thoughts that we have entertained that displease you. Thank you for sending us wells and springs in the wilderness to restore our hearts.

Help us when we feel abandoned; heal us where we are broken and help us to seek you only as the giver of life and blessing.  We thank you and praise you that you have “seen” us.  We pray that you will bless us as we seek to follow you.

In Jesus’ Name,



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